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New Project-Top Rail Replacement
 As many of you know that since the owners took over the COA, there has been a never ending process as to improving on the areas around the lodges as well as improving on the lodges.
There is a new product called ChoiceDek that is used for railings around decks, porches, etc. It is a synthetic product and has a 25 year quarantee.  Replacing the top rail of the porches of the lodges would mean no more peeling and painting. However, the COA can not carry the cost so it would be up to the lodge owner if they wanted it on their lodge.
 In the next few weeks, you will receive a letter and photo of your lodge and the measurements of your top rail and the cost.  You can decide if you want it done and if your do, please return the agreement along with a check or you can add the cost on to your dues for 3 months. We will need your confirmation before we can order the product. Obviously, we can do all the lodges at once, so we are going street by street.  When we get ready to do your street, you will receive a letter.  

If you have any doubts, you should drive down Lost Creek Circle (Lodges 1-10) and take a look at what an improvement it has made to the looks of their lodges.  You can also look at the photo album on the website and click on the drop down and select Replacing Top Rails.  There are 2 pictures of lodges that have it on and 2 pictures of a reminder of what the old rails look like.

Have a Fun & Safe Summer