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The Lodges at Roark Creek COA

Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

~ Neighborhood News ~
Winter Time for Lodges
Posted on Dec 28th, 2015
Winter is around the corner and with comes some things you need to make sure your lodge is ready.
1. Owners make sure you have some kind of “ice melter” for your deck and walkway plus a snow shovel should your lodge be rented or in use.  Sometimes the weather catches us off guard.
2.Owners need to contact the COA 417 338-0404 or Richard Kelly 951 334-8162 “if” you are having renters or family in from January-March.  This is the time for the maintenance crew to get projects done (weather permitting). We don’t want to work when the lodge is occupied, unless of an emergency.
3.DO NOT SHUT OFF YOUR UTILITIES.  Keep the temperature at 55 and all fans on low in reverse. That keeps the warm air going up into the ceiling. This helps to prevent mold.
4. If your fireplace is not being used for a few days  turn the pilot light off.
5.Make sure someone is checking your lodge often inside and outside.  If you are going through a rental company , a property management company or you have a friend checking on your lodge, keep in touch to make sure everything is ok.
6.The COA does not do ice melt on front porch, walkways  or roads.  The POA does snow plowing on the roads.
7.During icey conditions we will not be able to get to the lodges
We wish everyone a Happy and Safe New Year
Spring Newsletter 2014
Posted on May 6th, 2014

Spring is trying it’s best to appear.  The trees and flowers are blooming and Stonebridge is turning greener every day.  As usual so are the weeds and bugs making their appearance.   It is time to think about supplies to have on hand at your lodge such as Wasp Spray and making appointments to have the inside of your lodge sprayed.  The COA has sprayed outside for bugs and weeds.
1.Trash – Please be courteous when getting rid of your trash.  If the dumpster is full, remember there are two other dumpsters on Baldknobber Dr and one at the end of Cantwell in Fox Hollow. Please do not leave anything around the dumpster expecting someone else to  take care of your trash.  DO NOT leave TV’s, mattresses or furniture in or around the dumpster.  Also, make sure any cardboard boxes are broken down.  This is an ever growing problem and we appreciate your cooperation in this matter.
2.Storm Shelter – Should there be a Tornado Warning the best place to go is in the crawl space under your lodge.  We are approaching severe storm season and tornados are always possible.  You should pre-plan your route of how you are going to access the crawl space in case of a tornado.  The COA suggests that if you are on nightly rental program, check to make sure that they have procedures for tornado warning procedures are in their packets.
3.Lightning strike surges are a problem that has caused much damage to electrical equipment in the lodges.  Whole house surge protectors can be purchased and installed to insure all your electrical equipment is protected.  You can purchase them at Lloyds Electric in Branson.  If you have any questions, call Richard Kelly, Manager 951 334-81
4.Roofs – During the wind storm in February 2014, we had 16 roofs that were in need of replacement.   The insurance company paid to have the side of the roof that was damaged.  We had 2 roofs replaced because of multiple repairs. The lodges that had only one side done by the insurance claim, the COA will replace the other side as necessary.
Have a Great Spring & Summer
Preparing Your Lodge for the Winter
Posted on Nov 9th, 2013
~~TO All Lodge Owners:
According to the Weather Forecast for this coming week November 11 thru15th, the nights are going to be below freezing.  This is going to be more like a winter week than a fall week. High's only in the 40's.
This is a reminder of some of the things that should be done to prepare you lodge for the winter months:

1.  Make sure that all outside hoses are disconnected from the outside faucets.

2.  This is a good time to change your air filters to save energy.  Due to the cold nights your furnace will run more.

3.  If you need to store anything from outside, it is best to put it under your lodge.  It won't freeze under there.

4.  Also, to prepare for possible snow and ice this winter, make sure you have salt for your walkways and steps in your lodge in case you have someone staying there they will be prepared.

If you have someone taking care of you lodge when your not there, you should probably pass this on. 
We have no idea what Mother Nature will throw at us this Winter so we need to be prepared just in case.

Annual Membership Meeting
Posted on Oct 16th, 2013

Mark your calendars for December 7th, 2013 for our Annual Membership Meeting for the Lodges at Roark Creek COA.  It will be held in the Ledgestone Club House in The Lake Room beginning at 9:00 AM
Winter is coming and with it comes many issues for the Lodges.  Please be sure that someone checks on your lodge at least once a week during the winter months.  Whatever you do, DO NOT shut off your electricity to save money.  You must keep air flow and temperature control  to prevent MOLD from forming and internal freezing of pipes.  The person who is responsible for checking your unit must report to the COA ASAP on roof and window leaks.
Look forward to seeing you December 7th.
Crawl Space
Posted on Aug 21st, 2013
We have had a couple of crawl spaces under the lodges that have had water in them and the owner was unaware.  In one incident, the owners had stored items down there and in another a hot water heater was leaking and the owners had no idea.
The crawl space under your lodge is your responsibility.  However, if you are not here much and do not have someone taking care of your lodge, our Maintenance Man, Tim Jones would check the crawl spaces for you twice a month for $20.00.  If you are interested, please call Tim Jones at 417 343-3048.  He can answer any questions that you might have concerning your crawl space.
417 343-3048
Summer Newsletter 2013
Posted on Jul 23rd, 2013

 Summer greetings from the management of The Lodges of Roark Creek COA.  This Summer has been one of the busiest in many years with Owners and Guests staying in the lodges and enjoying the many amenities of Stonebridge Village.
Management of your COA tries to keep all Owners aware of new projects as well as any new issues that have come to our attention.  We also need to refer to some old issues that have been discussed before.
·        Top Rail Replacement:  This project has been completed for those lodges where Owners decided to participate.  You might take a look down the first street of lodges on Lost Creek Circle and see the difference it made in the appearance of the lodge front porches and stairs.  If you would like to have the top rails replaced on your lodge, the opportunity is still available.  You can call the office and talk to Vicki Ford and she can let you know the cost. (417-338-0404) 
·        Grills:  At the request of Owners and Guests, we have installed more grills throughout the lodges, especially along Baldknobber.
·        Trash:  This year the lodges have seen a significant increase in usage.  This has caused a MAJOR trash problem at the dumpsters located on Forest Lake Drive behind Lodge 9.  As a reminder there are 2 more dumpsters on Baldknobber;  one across from Lodge 39 and another one by Lodge 52.  Please use those dumpsters if the ones on Forest Lake Drive are full.  And please have the nightly rental company or property manager, if you use one, inform your Guests of the need to use these dumpsters.  It will save the COA much money to better balance dumpster usage.
·        Screens:  This is a reminder that the screens around the porches and on the windows are the responsibility of the Owner.  If you have holes in your screens and bugs, wasps, etc. are getting in, you might call Wayne Rader (417-300-7999).  He will come out and give you a bid for repairing or replacing your screens.
·        Wasps:  We have had several calls about wasps this year on the front and screened porches.  Wasps and bugs are the responsibility of the Owner. If you are on a nightly rental program or have a property management company or someone looking after your lodge, you might ask them to check the inside and porch area before anyone checks in for a stay at your lodge.  Keep wasp spray available in your lodge.  Our maintenance crew sprays around the outside of the lodges for bugs twice a year.  RHP Exterminators will spray inside for pests and outside for wasps (417-335-8729) if you want to have your lodge treated by them.
·        Road Ruts:  The streets and roads in Stonebridge Village are the responsibility of the Stonebridge POA.   Please call the POA (417-335-7869) concerning the roads.
·        Parking Off the Street:  Please use the parking areas that are designated for the lodge where you are staying.  If you are using nightly rentals or a property manager, you might ask them to remind the Guest that parking the right way will help traffic flow on the streets. Also, they might inform how many parking spaces are allowed for each lodge. We have seen as many as 5 cars for one lodge plus a boat and trailer, all of which block traffic flow.  There is extra parking on Forest Lake Drive for Guests and boats & trailers, and around Lodges 31-39.  There is extra parking in Fox Hollow at the end of Fox Hollow Drive under the power lines.  
·        Sewer Grinder Pump:  Sometimes you may hear the noise of the sewer grinder pump running day or night, or there may be a sewage odor.  Please call 417-335-9333. Leave a message and they will be there promptly.  You might want to pass this number on to your nightly rental and property managers.
·        Washing Machine Hoses:  As a reminder that if you haven’t replaced your washing machine hoses in the last 5 years, you might want to replace them.  That is the recommended time by the manufacturers.  By doing this as a preventive measure you might keep your lodge from flooding and having an insurance claim.
·        Lightning Strike Protection:  Lightning strike electrical surge protection can be easily installed in your circuit breaker panel box. Lloyds Electric in Branson sells Delta Whole House Surge capacitors for around $50.00.  They are easily installed by a licensed electrical person and may save you hundreds of dollars of electrical equipment damage to your lodge during lightning storms.
Website:  If you do not remember you password to get into the website, you can go to the www.lodgesatroakcreekcoa.com and click on “UPDATE YOUR INFO” and put in new password.
Squirrel Holes:  When the COA finds a squirrel hole  we repair them.   When the COA is notified by an owner, nightly rental company or a property management company we make sure they are repaired as soon as possible.  It is the owner’s responsibility for any internal damage to lodge.  
We want you to enjoy your stay and have all the fun that the Stonebridge amenities provide.  We do appreciate if you or your Guests see anything that doesn’t look right, please let us know and we can investigate and let you know if it is a COA problem, or who needs to be called.
Enjoy the rest of your Summer!
 Approved by:  Kim Mastalio , President
Spring Newsletter 2013
Posted on Mar 27th, 2013

Executive Board Changes
During March there were two changes to the COA Executive Board.
(Minutes of the two conference calls are uploaded in the Documents on the website)
Richard Kelly has sold his lodge and is no longer a member of the Lodges of Roark Creek COA, and had to resign as COA President.  Richard will continue in his role of COA Manager under a Management Contract with the Board.  Stephanie Cain, Lodge 30, has agreed to serve as interim board member until election time later this year.  The new Board officers are Kim Mastalio, President (formerly Secretary), Ted Westmeyer, Treasurer, and Stephanie Cain, Secretary.
As COA Manager, Richard will continue to see to the day to day needs of the lodges and serve as the primary contact for COA matters.  Maintaining the quality of the lodges and the common areas is now and always has been a priority of the Board.  If you have a question or a need concerning your lodge, you may continue to call the office (417)338-0404, Richard's cell (951)334-8162 or Tim Jones-maintenance (417)343-3048.
Lodge Owner Insurance:
Each lodge owner carries insurance on the contents of their lodge through their own insurance provider.  In the best interest of the owner and the COA, each owner insurance policy should also list The Lodges at Roark Creek COA as "additional insured".  There is no additional expense for this and it is a common practice that the insurance companies are aware of.  If you have any questions, please contact Richard Kelly.
Spring Will Eventually Come!
As of this writing, we think that the worst of Winter is over and all the snow will finally be gone.  We hope to see a burst of Spring in early April, if Mother Nature is in agreement.  There was a lot of activity in the lodges during Spring Break in March, with owners and guest beginning to enjoy all the amenities that Stonebridge Village has to offer.  Take a quick getaway this Spring and spend a quiet relaxing visit to your lodge.

Winter Weather
Posted on Feb 19th, 2013
February 19, 2013
We are going to experience some icey winter weather in our area.  Sleet, freezing rain and possible snow. This is suppose to start Wednesday, Feb. 20th after dark and continue on all day Thursday.  Hopefully it will start melting on Friday.
Also, for all our new owners, you may not know where the office for The Lodges at Roark Creek COA is located.  We are 1 mile west of Silver Dollar City, right across from the Notch Inn and right next door to the round building of Caol Jones Real Estate.  Our physical addressis 54 Notch Shopping Lane Center, Branson West, Mo 65737.  Our mailing address is P.O. Box 2097, Branson West, MO 65737.  The office phone number is 417 338-0404 and is open Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.  You may call any day and the Office Manager will get the message and will call you back.
Spring is just around the corner. 
Annual Meeting
Posted on Oct 10th, 2012
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Hope to see you there.  Very important meeting!
New Project-Top Rail Replacement
Posted on Jun 7th, 2012
 As many of you know that since the owners took over the COA, there has been a never ending process as to improving on the areas around the lodges as well as improving on the lodges.
There is a new product called ChoiceDek that is used for railings around decks, porches, etc. It is a synthetic product and has a 25 year quarantee.  Replacing the top rail of the porches of the lodges would mean no more peeling and painting. However, the COA can not carry the cost so it would be up to the lodge owner if they wanted it on their lodge.
 In the next few weeks, you will receive a letter and photo of your lodge and the measurements of your top rail and the cost.  You can decide if you want it done and if your do, please return the agreement along with a check or you can add the cost on to your dues for 3 months. We will need your confirmation before we can order the product. Obviously, we can do all the lodges at once, so we are going street by street.  When we get ready to do your street, you will receive a letter.  

If you have any doubts, you should drive down Lost Creek Circle (Lodges 1-10) and take a look at what an improvement it has made to the looks of their lodges.  You can also look at the photo album on the website and click on the drop down and select Replacing Top Rails.  There are 2 pictures of lodges that have it on and 2 pictures of a reminder of what the old rails look like.

Have a Fun & Safe Summer


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